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If you're looking for certified translation services in Cardiff, you've just found your match. Architekst offers comprehensive translation for businesses in and around Cardiff and has done so for almost twenty years.
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Professional Cardiff Translation Services

Regardless of whether your translation service provider has failed you, or you have just entered the market and are looking for Cardiff-based, qualified translators, Architekst is the company you’re looking for.

With twenty years of translation experience under our belt, you’re leaving your documents in competent hands when enlisting us to take care of your translation needs.

Professional Translation Company in Cardiff

We offer professional translation services in Cardiff and the surrounding area. Our translators have expertise in various business niches. We care about the accuracy and clarity of our final products, which is why none of our employees specialises in more than two or three fields at a time. Architekst makes sure of their competencies by thoroughly vetting their educational and work backgrounds during the recruitment process.

The Most Common Target Languages

When it comes to our Cardiff translation services, the most common target languages our translators work with are German, Italian and French. We’re also adept at translating texts to and from Welsh.

Our translation agency also works with plenty of intercontinental businesses with offices in Cardiff, therefore languages such as Japanese, Chinese or Korean are no mystery to us either.

If you haven’t seen your target language pop up in this text so far, don’t worry! Our team of translators is capable of handling 140 languages altogether, so whatever your needs are, Architekst has got them covered.


Ever since its creation in 2000, Architekst has handled the security and secrecy of its clients’ documents with utmost care. Translators are required to sign confidentiality undertakings. If you don’t consider these contracts enough, you’re more than welcome to draft your own, special agreement and have our employees sign it.

Translation of Technical Documents in Cardiff

Technical documents, such as equipment manuals, are full of language complexities that people who aren’t acquainted with the particular field can easily miss. When working with Architekst Translation Services Cardiff, you can be sure that all of your technical texts will be worked on by people who are truly familiar with the subject of these documents.

Legal Translation Service in Cardiff

Translating legal documents requires particular attention to detail. It also requires the person interpreting the text to have immense legal knowledge in order to keep the meaning of the text identical to what it was in the source language.

We offer certified translation services for legal contracts, user agreements and other such documents. Our translators pay attention to the minutest of details and are well-versed in the intricacies of international legal systems.

Market Research Translation Services in Cardiff

A poor translation of market research materials can lead directly to loss of profit. Architekst Cardiff translators will offer up a professional interpretation of your surveys, questionnaires and polls so that their recipients can provide you with useful and accurate feedback, regardless of where they’re from on the planet.

Medical Translation Services in Cardiff

Mistranslated medical documents can lead doctors to draw the wrong conclusions and endanger patients’ lives. Our translators are more than familiar with the intricacies of the medical field and can carry over the meaning of brochures, pamphlets and even more complex medical texts to the target language without any discrepancies.

Travel and Tourism Translations Services in Cardiff

If you’re in the travel and tourism industry, then you’re more than aware of the fact that many products and services do not reach tourists because their appeal simply gets lost in translation. This is why hiring professional translation services offered by Architekst can help you reach foreign travellers in Cardiff and abroad, all the while maintaining linguistic accuracy and the “catchiness” of your marketing materials.

Professional Website Translation Service in Cardiff

Many Cardiff businesses contact our translation agency in order to have their websites localised in various languages. Having your page available in various languages can not only help you reach a new market but also increase your site’s ranking on search engines.

DTP, Transcription & Subtitling 

Transcribing videos of meetings, subtitling training materials to be sent to your offices outside of Cardiff and the UK, or multilingual desktop publishing – Architekst Translations Cardiff can help you with all of these. We do not create subtitles for feature films, but we can work with any and all corporate clips.

Translation Memory Software

95% of Architekst’s work is done with the help of translation memory software, which helps our translators maintain consistency throughout the documents they’re currently translating. As it analyses the translator’s work, the software “remembers” how particular sentences are translated and if they are repeated throughout the text, it automatically translates them. It streamlines the entire process, ensuring fast turnaround times and preventing inconsistent language patterns.

Meeting Deadlines

Regardless of your source and target language, as well as how complex the work you entrust to us is, you can be certain that Architekst’s translators will meet your deadline without any delays. This is thanks to the implementation of modern technologies in our translations, the competencies of our translators, as well as the meticulous oversight we subject every project to.

Project Management

The fast turnarounds and top-notch quality of Architekst’s work would not be possible without our experienced group of project managers. When assigning a project to Architekst, you can be sure that it is in safe hands as our managers oversee every step of the translation process and ensure its completion.

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