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Technical translations can be challenging because the content may be more specific, and there are often words that do not have an equivalent translation in the other language. Technical writing must be 100% accurate and precise, especially when it is transferred into a foreign language. The best way to avoid mistakes during a technical translation is to hire professionals who specialise in this type of work. We understand the specific requirements of technical translations.
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Expert technical translation services

Our selection procedures for technical translators and continuous monitoring process ensure that your translation project is carried out using the best resources. Rigorous translator testing and evaluation procedures combined with careful project monitoring enable us to deliver clear, effective technical translations.

Translation memory

Because of the repetitive nature of technical writing, translation memory is an invaluable technology in ensuring consistency throughout your documents. A translation memory is a linguistic database that continually grows and “learns” from the translator. All previous translations are held in the translation memory and re-applied so that the same sentence never needs to be translated twice. As well as ensuring consistency across your documentation, translation memory can enable faster turnaround times and offer substantial cost savings as repeated text is charged at a reduced rate per word.

The project manager’s remit includes:

  • Using translation memory to analyse supplied files and gain the optimum benefit from repetitions and matching text;
  • Providing the translator with a current translation memory and any databases or glossaries relevant to the work;
  • Processing files post-translation to ensure that the memory is kept fully up to date.

Technical document translations

Typical technical documents which we translate include:

  • Data sheets
  • Installation manuals
  • Operating Manuals
  • Patents
  • Safety manuals
  • Technical proposals
  • Training materials and presentations
  • User guides

Our technical translators

At Architekst, your personal project manager will make sure that your documents are translated by specialist translators and reviewed by experienced revisers.

All our translators translate only into their mother tongue and in their own specialist areas.

Your deadline

Getting your documents translated is often the last step in your process. You don’t have much time. Your translation is urgent. We understand that. We can set a large group of translators to work and are flexible enough to meet your deadline without loss of quality. You can rely on us.

Project management

There’s a lot involved in a successful translation project: your translator, your reviser, the software we use, the glossary, the style guide, and so on. But without a doubt, the key to success is your project manager. It’s the project manager who oversees every step in the translation project on your behalf. We’ve got just the experienced project manager for you in-house.

We provide technical translation services in Newcastle upon Tyne, London, Bristol and a whole host of cities across the UK.

Typical Industries and Documents that Require Technical Translation

The demand for technical translations has increased dramatically in the past years as industries grow and expand globally. It is essential for these industries and individuals who work with them to find translators who specialise in specific fields, so they get accurate and professional-quality translations. Here are some industry examples and technical documentation that are often required to be translated.

Technical Translation Services for Engineering

If you are an engineer or product designer and need to translate your technical documents into another language for a global audience, we can help. We specialise in translating engineering products such as drawings and specifications from English to other languages. Our translators have experience with all types of engineering-related content, including chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Technical Translation Services for Patents

As a translation company specialising in technical translations, we have the experience and expertise to take on any document, including patents. Our team is made up of translators from all over the world who specialise in different fields such as engineering, law, medicine and more. You can be sure that we will provide you with an accurate translation every time.

Technical Translation Services for Manufacturers

If you’re a manufacturer, we can help you with your technical translation needs. We offer professional translations for any industry and all types of documents. Our services include translating technical manuals, product descriptions, packaging copy, advertising materials, operating instructions and more. We have a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry, and we’re always happy to help manufacturers with their business needs so they can reach new markets around the world.

Technical Translation Services for Construction

Construction is a heavily regulated industry, and obtaining approvals typically necessitates a large amount of paperwork and the translation of technical documentation into the local language of the country where the company operates. Working with international vendors necessitates ensuring that all materials and equipment meet industry standards as well as local regulations. If documents are poorly translated during the translation process, this can lead to an entire project being delayed or even cancelled. We offer high-quality, affordable translations of documents such as building plans and specifications from English to multiple languages.

Technical Translation of Safety Manuals

Accurate translation of safety manuals are an essential part of any company’s business and can make a significant contribution to the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees and consumers. Safety manuals contain instructions on how to use a product safely from start to finish, so it’s important to translate correctly into the target language to keep employees or consumers safe. The need to translate these manuals in order to ensure that all parties are on the same page has increased exponentially as international trade continues to grow. For this reason, it’s important for companies that produce safety manuals to hire a professional translator who can accurately and efficiently translate these documents from one language into another.

Technical Translation of Operating Manuals

It’s important for every employee working with machinery to have an operating manual translated into their native language. This will ensure that anyone wherever in the world they are based can read and follow instructions on how to operate equipment needed for their job. Operating manuals are written in a precise manner, and it can be challenging to translate them without the right experience. This is where our team comes in. With years of technical translation experience, we know how to convey instructions and information with clarity. We can translate all types of operating manuals, including those for complex machinery, medical devices, or industrial equipment.

Technical translation FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our technical translation services.

As the name implies, technical translation involves translating many different types of specialised documents such as user guides, operating manuals, etc. To translate technical texts, you need a knowledge of the target language and a high degree of understanding of the subject at hand. Professional translation services like Architekst should carry out the translation of technical documents. A technical document or manual that is poorly translated can lead to damage to vital equipment, customers not understanding how to use a project, or worse.

Ideally, a competent technical translator will be a native speaker of the target language and have solid knowledge of the source language. In addition to linguistic skills, such a specialist should have a deep understanding of the subject matter and relevant terminology. An experienced technical translator will produce accurate translations and meet any deadlines required. They will also keep these skills continuously updated and be aware of any new terminology or developments in their specialised field.

With over 20 years of experience providing a reliable, high-quality translation service, we guarantee you 100% error-free technical documents translated into any language you require. Our team of professional technical translators are on hand to start your project now. All our translators are native speakers in the language that the document needs to be translated to, as well as fluent in the source language. Your assigned translator will also have the subject matter knowledge required to ensure that the translation reads fluently, naturally, and technically precise.


Through years of perfecting our service, we have a fail-safe process in place to ensure that your completed translation is of the highest quality and reaches you before the target deadline. We allocate a project manager who will monitor the process from start to finish for each translation task that we receive.


They will handpick the best technical translator for your needs, who will have a thorough understanding of the subject matter and be a native linguist. Once the translator has completed the translation, a second expert will review the document to ensure that no errors slipped through. Only when we are 100% confident that the document is error-free, will we send it to you for finalisation.


If you are looking for a partner with a professional technical translation service known for its fast turnaround and flawless translations, contact us now for a free quote.

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