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Providing high-quality translation for the tourism sector is essential as potential holiday-makers always need to see an attractive offer.
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Travel & hospitality translation solutions

Providing high-quality translation for the tourism sector is really essential as potential holiday-makers always need to see an attractive offer. Whether they are just visiting your website, making an online booking on your platform or looking at a marketing brochure at one of your exhibitions, these are all opportunities to stand out from the competition.

Having access to linguists with travel and leisure experience is one thing; knowing what message resonates best with consumers outside your home country is definitely another. The last thing you want is to have your translated content steering potential customers away from your travel and leisure services.

That’s why it’s crucial that our translators are specialised in persuading consumers and communicating the benefits of your hospitality business.

Our expert team of linguists, combined with in-house project management and technical support, means we can guarantee translations that are linguistically accurate, have a great writing style and are also free from cultural errors.

Translation Memory

Translation memory is invaluable in ensuring consistency throughout your documents. A translation memory is a linguistic database that continually grows and “learns” from the translator. All previous translations are held in the translation memory and re-applied so that the same sentence never needs to be translated twice. As well as ensuring consistency across your documentation, translation memory can enable faster turnaround times and offer substantial cost savings, as repeated text is charged at a reduced rate per word.
The project manager’s remit includes:

  • Using translation memory to analyse supplied files and gain the optimum benefit from repetitions and matching text;
  • Providing the translator with a current translation memory and any databases or glossaries relevant to the work;
  • Processing files post-translation to ensure that the memory is kept fully up to date.

Travel & hospitality document translation solutions:

  • Travel websites
  • Online booking platforms
  • Training materials
  • Signage
  • Brochures
  • Visitor guides
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • General documentation
  • Travel magazines

Our translators

At Architekst your personal project manager will make sure that your documents are translated by specialist translators and reviewed by experienced revisers.
All our translators translate only into their mother tongue and in their own specialist areas.

Your deadline

Getting your documents translated is often the last step in your process. You don’t have much time. Your translation is urgent. We understand. We can set a large group of translators to work and are flexible enough to meet your deadline without loss of quality. You can rely on us.

Project management

There’s a lot involved in a successful translation project: your translator, your reviser, the software we use, the glossary, the style guide, and so on. But without doubt, the key to success is your project manager. It’s the project manager who oversees every step in the translation project on your behalf. We’ve got just the experienced project manager for you in-house.

We provide travel & hospitality translation services in Belfast, London and many other cities across the UK.

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