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A sloppy translation can easily ruin your market research project. Translations aimed at such a purpose require a carefully crafted process to ensure that research results are relevant and accurate. All translation requirements need to be met so that the content is correctly adjusted to the needs of your business and its peculiarities. Such a process requires not only linguistic skills but also cultural knowledge. What's more, to provide the most accurate services, a translator needs to take time on their translation research.
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What Is Translation Research?

Translation services can be tricky, so they require a lot of research before the actual work can be done. Our linguists specialising in market research translation check the characteristics of your niche, its current trends, and most importantly – its specific vocabulary.

It often turns out that a particular industry has its own jargon, and using other equivalents in the target language than those commonly applied by other companies could make your business sound ridiculous and unprofessional. And that is something you certainly want to avoid!

Professional Market Research Translations

With poor market research translation services, you may get completely irrelevant results. In a questionnaire, an inaccurate term, an over-literal translation, or an improper cultural reference cause a Spanish speaker to understand the question differently than a person responding to the same survey in English. 

Once you have asked the wrong question, you will receive the wrong answer, and you will not be able to compare your survey results accurately across different language groups, so the whole market research process will be pointless.

Getting Market Research Translation Right From the Beginning

Translations for market research require a carefully crafted process to ensure that research results are relevant and accurate.

That is why our translators pay particular attention to three points:

  • target audience
  • linguistic accuracy
  • project management 

Target Audience

To ensure that the meaning of each question or statement is properly understood by the local respondents, we select translators from the same location.

So in the case of a customer satisfaction survey translation for the Mexican market, we will assign a translator from Mexico rather than one from Spain.

Although Spanish is spoken in both countries, there are numerous differences in terms and idioms, which could lead to misunderstandings negatively affecting the market research process.

Linguistic Accuracy

To ensure the validity of market research material, we assign professional linguists who have proven their ability to pay attention to even the most subtle nuances in market research translations.

All our translators:

  • Are native speakers of the target language
  • Have many years of experience in market research translation services
  • Are experts in their specialist fields
  • Always pay attention to details

Project Management

Deadlines for market research projects are often tight, and translations must be ready for scheduled launches in the field.

Our project managers are well trained to prioritise and coordinate work, while our channels of communication are quick and efficient to resolve any queries and issues that may arise over the course of the project.

Why Is Market Research Essential for Your Business?

Researching your market on a regular basis is beneficial at any stage of conducting your business but it is particularly crucial when you are starting it, expanding it to a different area, or introducing new products or services.

Here are some of the reasons why it is essential:

  • It helps you to understand your customers better and identify who they are
  • You can set realistic targets for your company
  • It may be easier to solve the biggest challenges in your industry
  • You can develop more efficient business strategies
  • You can find out what expansion opportunities are out there

And to achieve all of that, materials helping you to research your market need to be translated accurately and on time!

Your Market Research Translation Deadline Matters

Getting your documents translated is often the last step in your process. You don’t have much time. Your market research translation is urgent. We understand.

We can set a large group of linguists to work and are flexible enough to meet your deadline without loss of quality. You can rely on us.

We provide professional market research translation services in Oxford but also in other cities across the UK such as London, Birmingham and many more.

Order a High-Quality Market Research Translation

We always adjust our offer to your particular translation requirements associated with your niche, the specifics of your business, or any other characteristics you mention.

We take care of every single detail so that our market research translation can provide you with relevant data and improve your marketing efforts in a chosen area, helping you make more profits.

We are open to any suggestion from your side. We will do our utmost to provide the highest quality translation no matter how complex your industry is. You will not be disappointed for sure!

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