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At Architekst, we know that the most important thing about translating marketing materials is to retain that same appeal that made the original text work so well.
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Professional Marketing Translation

The aim of marketing copy is to engage the reader and evoke a vivid response, employing symbolism and metaphors that have emotional appeal, and go beyond factual information. Translating for the communications industry, therefore, requires a different skill set than that of the purely technical linguist.

While an in-depth knowledge of legal, medical, or scientific terminology may still be required, a marketing translator needs that certain extra something to add resonance to the message they are delivering, and here Architekst’s linguists are ready to demonstrate their flair and skill.

We provide professional marketing translation services in Belfast, London, Birmingham, and many other cities across the UK.

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

Communications is a broad term that spans a wide range of marketing material, and you need to be sure that all facets of your key messages are consistently communicated to your target audience. We listen to our clients and take the time to brief them in detail on specific terminology and other such preferences, always keeping the big picture in mind.  This is then conveyed in detail to our marketing translators, who are selected for their expertise with marketing texts and evaluated on a regular basis.

Whether you need just a few press releases translated, or want to turn all of your marketing campaigns multilingual, we’re here to help your brand grow abroad! With over 20 years of experience translating marketing copy and all sorts of other marketing content, we know how to appeal to the local culture in your target market, wherever that may be.

Advertising is a tricky business, one that requires a lot of creativity and a careful approach. After all, your content needs to evoke an emotional response and get people interested in your brand, but on the other hand, you need to be particularly careful about the local culture and customs. Offending your target market with your advertising is just about the worst thing that can happen to your brand when expanding to other countries.

Things that work exceptionally well in one country might not necessarily be welcome in another. Our marketing translation experts are very culturally sensitive and will help you adjust your marketing content to the needs of the market you’re targeting. Marketing translations are about much more than just transcribing content into another language. It’s also about making your advertising click with a foreign culture and getting them interested in your brand. While the bulk of your content is probably directly translatable into other languages, some changes may be required to take that copy to the next level and make it more appealing to a particular foreign audience. We’re more than capable of handling these kinds of challenges, which is what sets Architekst apart from other marketing translation agencies.

Some Typical Documents Which We Translate Are:

  • Advertisements
  • Corporate Communications
  • Multimedia presentations
  • News articles / Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Sales brochures and other marketing materials
  • Social media content
  • Video scripts
  • Websites

Our Marketing Translators

At Architekst, your personal project manager will make sure that your documents are translated by specialist translators and reviewed by experienced revisers. Each project we take on is supervised by the project manager from start to finish. They need to approve the quality of your marketing translation at every step of the way, from the very first draft to the final touches made by the proofreaders. This ensures that the quality of your copy remains high throughout the entire translation process and that the final product you receive is 100% ready to go.

Native Translations

All of our translators translate only into their mother tongue and in their own specialist areas. This is to ensure the absolute highest quality of your marketing translations. When transcribing your materials into their native language, our employees know exactly what linguistic adjustments they need to make to help your brand. Moreover, translators who only translate into their mother tongues are proven to have quicker turnaround times than those who work with languages they’ve learned later on in life.

Experienced Team of Outstanding Individuals

Architekst has been active in the UK translation market for over 20 years now. Thanks to this extensive experience, we’ve managed to assemble a competent, international team of translators who specialize in marketing translation and know exactly what makes a brand stand out in their home countries. When you entrust your documents to us, you won’t only get the very best linguistic service around. You’ll also work with professionals who are culturally sensitive and adept at writing and transcribing marketing copy into other languages.

Your Deadline

Getting your documents translated is often the last step in your process. You don’t have much time. Your translation is urgent. We understand. We can set a large group of translators to work and are flexible enough to meet your deadline without loss of quality. You can rely on us.

Fast and Efficient

We implement the right procedures into our marketing translation efforts to ensure quick turnaround times and the highest quality of the final outcome of our work. As we’ve already mentioned, our translators only get assignments that are to be translated into their native language.

That way, the translated text sounds, reads, and feels natural, as if it was not a marketing translation, but a document that was originally written in your target market’s language.

On top of that, the vast amount of resources and manpower we’ve amassed over the decades of experience on the British market allow us to accommodate any deadline you throw at us.

Need your marketing translation to be ready in time for the next big convention in your target country? Your brand has already launched on another continent but you’re having trouble supplying your teams with localized marketing copy? Regardless of why you’re in a hurry, we’ll make sure to meet your deadline every single time.

Project Management

There’s a lot involved in a successful translation project: your translator, your reviser, the software we use, the glossary, the style guide, and so on. But without a doubt, the key to success is your project manager. It’s the project manager who oversees every step in the translation project on your behalf. We’ve got just the right experienced project manager for you in-house.

Marketing translation is a complex process, one that doesn’t only require expert linguistic knowledge, but also the awareness of the customs, culture, and purchasing habits of your target market. The project managers we assign to marketing translations are talented individuals with years of marketing experience under their belt. They know that industry inside and out, and they’ll make sure that their subordinates adjust the copy to cater to the needs of your brand, as well as the local culture of your target market.

Even with their extensive knowledge and experience, all of the new project managers at Architekst undergo rigorous training that is meant to help them understand the culture and priorities of our translation agency. As a well-established entity on the British market, we have developed high standards for our employees, and all new hires are expected to meet those standards.

Get Your Marketing Translation Today!

As a company with over two decades of experience in the business of providing expert translation services, we consider customer satisfaction to be our utmost priority. This attitude is what drives us to continue churning out high-quality translations of marketing content on a daily basis. If you need a marketing translation done right, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and get a free quote today!

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