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Looking for translation services in York? With a team of experienced translators and the capacity to translate over 140 languages, we'll be more than happy to help you.
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Translation Company in York

Architekst has been in the translation services business for over 20 years. We are one of the most established and trusted translation companies in York, the surrounding area, across the UK and also in mainland Europe.

Translation Company With Years of Experience

Our team of York translators and linguists is made up of qualified professionals who are more than capable of providing your company with certified translations of various documents.

We make sure that our linguists are true experts in the fields in which they translate documents. Bearing in mind the importance of accuracy in our translations, our linguists specialise in a maximum of 3 subject areas each.

Languages most in demand

York companies tend to work with companies and businesses from all around the world, so qualified translators are an absolute must to ensure good communication. At Architekst we work with over 140 languages. In York, most of our jobs call for Chinese, Spanish, French, and Polish.


All of our translators and interpreters sign non-disclosure agreements when they take up work in our agency. However, we understand how important confidentiality can be in certain industries, which is why you should feel free to send over your own agreement in place of our standard one if you wish.

Technical Translations in York

When it comes to translating and interpreting technical documents, such as machine specifications or user manuals, every detail matters. A flawed translation doesn’t just look unprofessional, it can also have safety implications.

Our technical translators have years of experience handling such documents and are more than aware of how meticulous they need to be when carrying out their work.

Legal Translation

Translation, interpretation and delivery of legal documents can be extremely difficult sometimes, especially if you use subpar translation services. Phraseology and wording are key when it comes to legal documents. There is no room for mistakes, as lucrative agreements or court proceedings may rely on such texts. The translators working at Architekst are experienced in the field of law and will deliver professionally translated documents in whatever target languages you require.

Market Research Translations in York

Conducting market research is all about the right phrasing. A survey that works well in one language might not yield the best results when directly translated into another. Cultural nuance and linguistic intricacies need to be taken into account in order to properly reach out to the customer, and this is exactly what market research experts at Architekst specialise in.

Medical Translation Services

Medical literature, patient reports, and other types of medical documents are particularly tricky. A simple mistake in translation could cost lives, and the delivery of a particular document on time could save them.

We understand this at Architekst, which is why we assign only the most qualified translators, with years of experience in the medical field, to translate this type of text. Anything less is not good enough.

Tourism and Travel Translations in York

If you’re in the hospitality business, you know how troublesome tourists can occasionally be. Many of them don’t speak a word of English!

Attracting foreign tourists nowadays requires expertly translated brochures, menus, and offers, in order to make travellers feel at home. Whether you’re a York travel agency or manage a hotel, Architekst can help you communicate your services to tourists from all over the world.

Website Translation Services

An online presence is absolutely essential for any business nowadays. Although the majority of the internet is in English, you’re leaving tens of thousands of potential customers out of the equation if you don’t offer alternative language options on your site.

Architekst’s employees are tech-savvy and more than capable of translating your website into the native languages of your visitors. Not only will it help you reach out to more people, but it will also give you an edge over the competition if they don’t have a multilingual online presence.

DTP, Voiceovers, Transcription, Subtitling

Of course, translating websites is not the only service we provide when it comes to digital forms of media and documentation. Whether it’s multilingual desktop publishing, voiceovers for your marketing and training videos, or transcribing video material, the certified linguists at Architekst will provide you with high-quality translation of your media in your chosen target languages.

We also provide video subtitles. However, feature-length films are not included in our services at the moment.

Translation Memory Software

At Architekst, we use translation memory software to provide our clients with document translations as quickly and accurately as possible. But don’t confuse translation memory software with automatic online translation services!

This software “remembers” the way certain phrases or sentences are translated, so that if they come up in the text again, our linguists won’t have to translate them from scratch.  This function also ensures the stylistic unity of the document, which is particularly important in the case of legal or technical translations.

Experienced Project Managers

Architekst Translation Service York operates in a very organised, structured way. Every assignment is overseen by qualified, experienced project managers who make sure that the end result is exactly what the client hoped for.

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