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Are you looking for a professional translation agency in Newcastle upon Tyne? If so, you have just found one. Architekst has over 20 years of experience as a certified translation service in this area.
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Professional Translation Services in Newcastle upon Tyne

As a business owner, you probably know very well that communication is key to financial success in this day and age. Choosing the right translation agency will get your point across to your overseas partners and customers in the best way possible. Architekst has been doing just that since 2000.

The Translators Working with Our Newcastle upon Tyne Translation Agency

All of our translators have had to go through a rigorous and demanding hiring process. They were asked to prove their expertise in the fields pertaining to certain industries to allow our agency to deliver the most accurate and professional translations in Newcastle.

Each translator is specialized in a maximum of 3 fields, all of which are derived from their past experiences, whether it is their studies or work experience. Additionally, our translators translate texts only into their native language.

Language Combinations

The most common language combinations for local companies in Newcastle upon Tyne are English-French and German-English (and vice versa). Various international Newcastle-based companies also require translations from and to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

All in all, we’re capable of translating more than 140 languages.


We understand that by using our translation services you also place great trust in us. At Architekst, we ascribe the utmost importance to the confidentiality and secrecy of your documents, which is why all of our translators and interpreters have signed confidentiality undertakings.

Our agency has a standard confidentiality agreement we can sign and send to you. If you have your own version of such an agreement and want us to sign that, we’ll happily do so too!

Accurate Technical Translations

The technical translators from Architekst Translation Agency Newcastle are highly skilled and experienced in translating manuals, technical brochures, and other industry-specific documents into a wide variety of languages.

Detailed Legal Translations Services

Our legal translators can provide clear, concise, and readable translations of any and all of your legal documents. We understand how much detail goes into these texts, and know how important it is to translate them clearly and in accordance with legal differences between countries.

Professional Market Research Translations

A poorly translated survey or questionnaire can completely botch your market research efforts. Cultural intricacies play a huge role in these kinds of texts. Our translators are well aware of that and will help you get the answers you’re looking for abroad.

Medical Translations

The medical sector is particularly sensitive to language differences and interpretation mistakes. A reliable medical translation service is hard to find in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, but with our 20+ years of experience Architekst can provide just the service you require.

Our medical translators are even more rigorously tested than their counterparts from other industries. When lives are potentially on the line, it’s important to get medical translations completed as accurately as possible – Architekst can do this for you.

Professional Tourism and Travel Translations

Travel brochures, hotel rule sheets, menus — if it’s related to tourism and travel, we can translate it. Our travel and tourism translators will do their best to ensure that all of your messages will retain their original catchiness and meaning, regardless of your chosen target language.

Website Translations

Localizing a website into various languages can greatly increase your traffic abroad. Architekst is the leading provider of website translations in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

Other Specialist Fields

If you haven’t found your particular industry on this page, don’t worry! We are ready to work with a wide plethora of clients and can provide certified translation services pertaining to just about any area of expertise you can imagine.

DTP, Transcription, Voice-overs and Subtitling

Whether it is desktop publishing, providing transcripts, voice-overs or subtitles for your training videos, we can do it all right here at Architekst! We are also perfectly capable of helping you out with interpreting and translating marketing material into your chosen target languages.

Translation Memory Software

95% of our work is done with the aid of translation memory software. It’s a useful tool that remembers the way our interpreters translate phrases and sentences so that the next time they appear in the text, they will be written in the same way to ensure consistency and help our employees meet every deadline.

Meeting Your Deadline

We understand that working with translation services is usually the last part of the publishing process for your documents, whatever they may be. As such, you’re probably under pressure to put them out as soon as possible. At Architekst, we respect your time constraints and with our large fleet of translators and interpreters, you can be certain that your work gets delivered on time.

Project Management

With Architekst, your business is in safe hands. Each project that is being worked on at our offices has a dedicated team of project managers who oversee each and every step of the translation process. From the first rough draft to the very final edits, these experienced managers will make sure that the quality of your work is as high as possible.

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