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Architekst is the perfect choice if you are looking for translation services in Manchester. Whether your company needs to translate marketing brochures or technical manuals, or you need help with voice-overs, we'll be glad to help.
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Professional Translation Agency Manchester

If you are in Manchester and need to translate documents of any kind, we encourage you to contact Architekst. 

Why? We’ve been in business since the year 2000 and we know how to deliver top-quality translations which tick all the boxes for our clients. 

The Translators at Architekst Manchester Translation Agency

When other translation companies in Manchester offer you translation using linguists who supposedly excel in multiple fields, you should consider the time it takes to become a specialist in any field.

That’s why the project managers at Architekst will ensure that your texts are handled by linguists who have dedicated themselves to only two or three disciplines, to gain full and in-depth experience of each.

Manchester Translation Services & Languages in Demand

The languages that we most commonly translate are those used in countries with robust economies and thriving business sectors. Apart from English, they include French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. 

However, when it comes to translation in Manchester of the less popular languages, you can rely on Architekst to provide these as well. Our excellent translators cover more than 140 target languages in total, so please feel free to contact us for even the most obscure requests.


Confidentiality and security are just as important for us as they are for you and our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement respecting this. We can either send you our standard agreement or, if you have a non-disclosure agreement that you would like to use instead, we will be happy to oblige.

Technical Translation with Correct Terminology

Technical translation requires a detailed knowledge of the correct terminology, or your translated texts might not convey all the right information in the target language.

At Architekst Manchester Translation Services, we’ll use our experience to ensure that your technical documents are accorded the highest level of linguistic expertise.

Perfect Legal Translation

Though all types of translation require close attention and knowledge of the subject at hand, mistakes in legal translations could turn out to be extremely costly.

Thankfully, if you need translation of legal documents in the Manchester area, you can rely on us. Get in touch and you’ll discover why many law firms both in the UK and abroad rely on our services.

Top-Quality Market Research Translations

In 2020, many people have a smattering of another language. Unfortunately, understanding conversations and creating faithful translations are two completely different things.

If you want to be absolutely sure of the precision of meaning in your translated surveys, get in touch with us at Architekst and we’ll be glad to help.

Professional Medical Translation 

If you need medical translations, it is vital to select translation services of the highest standard.

Medical translations require extensive knowledge and the utmost attention to detail, as a translation mistake could cost human lives. However, you can rest assured that the translators we assign to this type of job have a proven track record in the field of medicine.

Translation of Tourism-Related Documents

Creating a good ad demands skill and flair, but translating it into another language and making it just as effective is even harder. Literal or clumsy translations of tourism ads will fail to make the same impression on your target audience.

If you are looking for translation agencies in Manchester, you can be confident that at Architekst we  know how to make your text equally attractive to customers in other countries.

Professional Website Translation in Manchester

With the number of e-commerce websites now sky high, increasing the number of paying customers can be difficult. One of the essential tools that will enable your company to stand out from the crowd is top-quality website translation.

DTP, Transcription, Subtitling and Voice-Overs

Whether you need help with multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), corporate advertising, transcription, subtitling or voice-overs, we’ll be glad to outline our services for you.

Translation Memory Software

Thanks to translation memory software, it is much easier to maintain consistency when translating longer texts which contain elements of repetition or a common thread.

It also reduces the time required to complete translation. But that’s not all – you’ll also benefit from a reduction in cost, making our services more economical.

Keeping within Deadlines

Sometimes you might need to translate a huge number of documents with a very short lead time. But you don’t want the translation to be of inferior quality through being rushed.

In this situation, we can allocate a pair or a team of linguists to your project, so the translation will be ready sooner and still to the highest standard.

Professional Project Management

Many factors affect the translation process, but we can safely say that the project manager is the most important element. Of course, the experience of our translators is invaluable, but a seamless translation process requires cooperation between many people, and it’s the project manager who can pull it all together.

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