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If you're looking for certified translation services in Exeter and the surrounding area, look no further. Architekst is an established translation agency with over 20 years of experience in the UK and abroad.
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Translation Company in Exeter

Since founding Architekst in 2000, we have been dedicated to providing high-quality translation services in Exeter, gaining the trust of countless clients.

Translation Services with Years of Experience

With so many years’ experience in the translation services industry, Architekst has amassed a large team of translators, each of them specialising in only two or three specific fields to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the documents translated.

The Languages in Demand

We know the lay of the land when it comes to Exeter. Our employees comfortably work with over 140 languages, including the most in-demand ones in the area, such as Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish.


Having worked with many high-profile clients in the past, we understand the importance of confidentiality. Our translators have all signed non-disclosure agreements with Architekst, but if you would prefer them to sign one of your company’s own documents to protect your information, we will be happy to oblige!

Technical Translations in Exeter

Translating technical documents, such as user manuals or installation guides, requires attention to detail and understanding of the products’ specifications. Our technical experts have proved that they can handle even the most complex of texts.

Legal Translation Services

A legal document requires a linguist who is not only fluent in the target and source languages, but also understands legal phrasing and terminology in the respective countries. Our legal translation team is well-versed in such texts.

Market Research Translation in Exeter

When it comes to market research, linguistic nuance plays a much larger role than you might expect. Whether your research involves brief surveys or lengthy questionnaires, our language experts will help you translate them so that your business obtains the market data it needs.

Medical Translation Services

Translating and interpreting medical documents is no joke. Frequently, these texts can make a difference between life and death. At Architekst, all our medical translators go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they’re actually knowledgeable in this field.

Travel and Tourism Translation

The tourism industry relies heavily on translation services. However, not all of them are professional or accurate enough. Regardless of whether you’re a travel agent or restaurateur, get ahead of the competition by reaching out to tourists with perfectly translated brochures and menus!

Website Translation Services Exeter

Maintaining an online presence is crucial these days. As more and more commercial activity moves to the digital sphere, you don’t want to lose out on valuable customers because they can’t understand your website. Our digital experts will translate your site whilst bearing in mind all the necessary cultural nuances.

DTP, Voiceovers, Transcription & Subtitling

When it comes to digital translations, we’re not strictly limited to websites! Architekst can meet all your desktop publishing and voiceover translation needs so that you can reach out to the widest possible customer base.

We also work with video transcriptions and subtitling so that your company’s training and marketing materials can be sent out to branches all over the world.

Translation Memory Software

All our certified translations are carried out with the help of translation memory software, which ensures the stylistic integrity of your document. The program “remembers” the way the linguists translate specific phrases and sentences, and adjusts them accordingly in the remaining part of the text (should they occur again), accelerating the translation process.

Fast Translation Services

Our professional translators and interpreters work around the clock to deliver their assignments on time, all the while maintaining the high quality standards our translation company demands.

Experienced Project Managers

The fast return times and high quality of our professional translations are made possible by experienced project managers who oversee every assignment from start to finish. It is their work that has kept our agency’s processes running smoothly and reliably for over 20 years. Their expert oversight of each project guarantees that your business is in the hands of the right translation agency!

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