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Our Edinburgh based linguists have years of experience and are capable of translating to and from more than 140 languages in total.
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If you are in the Edinburgh area and need a translation, look no further. With 20 years’ experience under their belt, Architekst stands ready to provide your company with high-quality, professional translation services.

Whether you already operate in an international environment or you’re about to embark on expansion abroad, we are more than happy to assist you by offering in-depth knowledge of linguistic and cultural intricacies as well as an excellent understanding of your industry. Whatever your translation needs, Architekst is sure to meet them fully.

The Translators Working with Our Edinburgh Translation Agency

All our translators are tested and approved, both in terms of their linguistic expertise as well as their knowledge within a given field. Each of them specialises in a few areas only – we make sure to hire focused specialists who can provide you with translations of the highest calibre, even on complicated and challenging topics. They are always fluent in the source language and translate into their native tongue – this ensures linguistic and cultural accuracy in all their translated texts.

Moreover, each of our clients is assigned a specific project manager who becomes familiar with their translation requirements. Thanks to this person, you can also be confident that your project will be assigned to regular translators who not only specialise in your given field but are also in tune with your company’s terminology and stylistic preferences.  For further assurance, we have all our translated texts proofread by knowledgeable reviewers.

Translation Services Edinburgh – Language Combinations

From Afrikaans to Zulu, as we like to say, we offer translations in a wide variety of language combinations. Whatever language you need, please give us a call or drop us a message, as we will very probably be able to help you with it.

Our most frequent language requests are for German, French and Italian along with quite a lot of Japanese and Chinese – both from and into these languages. But these are only the most popular orders – our expertise ranges across a much broader spectrum.


We know how vital confidentiality is to most companies, especially when it comes to legal texts. We value the security of our partners and clients – that’s why we have all our translators sign a confidentiality agreement.

In addition, we can sign a security and confidentiality agreement for your individual projects using our standard NDA or one of your own choosing – whatever you feel will best ensure the security of your company’s documentation.

Available Translation Subjects

Professional Technical Translation

We know how crucial it is to provide technical translations accurate in their terminology, and that’s why you will have a specialist working on your text. Architekst’s linguists provide translations in all file formats and a widevariety of fields of expertise. They don’t just know the language but also your industry and technical sphere.

Thorough Legal Translation

Legal translations are among the most demanding, mainly because of their specific language formulation. Our legal translators are masters of the intricacies of their particular field – as regards both the language and the rules specific to that target country. We ensure, clarity and accuracy to the letter.

Professional Market Research Translation

Market research is essential for many companies’ product development and business success, so if you plan to conduct surveys in other languages, you have to be certain that everything is translated accurately but with cultural differences in mind too. Only then can you expect the answers that will faithfully reflect your customers’ true needs and values.

High-Quality Medical Translation

Medical translations require an in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing field and medical language, so we ensure that our translators stay focused and up to date so that they can provide accurate medical texts whenever you need them.

Professional Translation for Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism texts require an experienced translator with a flair for words and an up-to-date knowledge of the culture and customs of your target country. Only then can you be sure that your glossy brochure won’t lead your customers down the wrong path, but instead inspires them to  take that trip and marvel at the sights.

Accurate Website Translation

If your target audience extends beyond English speakers, you need to make your website available to everyone. We provide accurate, SEO-friendly website translations that will help you maintain your brand image when you’re planning a global expansion.

If you don’t see a category for your company here, give us a call anyway! We hire such a vast range of specialists that it would be impossible to include a description of every field of expertise.

Other Services

Apart from straightforward translation, Multilingual desktop publishing, voice-overs and subtitling, or transcription are among the most popular language services provided all around the world these days – – and we ensure the excellent quality of the effect. Our specialists work with a wide range of file types, software and languages to suit all your company’s needs.

Translation Agency Edinburgh – Choose Architekst

For all your needs and requirements regarding any type of translation, the services we provide in Edinburgh will more than suffice. If you still have any doubts or further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call, send an email, or fill in the form we provide on our website – our expert team will be more than happy to help. You will hear back from us promptly, but if you have anything particularly time-sensitive, simply call us and we will do everything in our power to achieve delivery by your deadline.

Choose Architekst and relax in the knowledge that  your company is presenting itself in the best possible light to speakers of other languages. Through us, your message will stay consistent and professional.

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