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Finding the right, certified translation services can be difficult. Architekst offers some of the best translations in Brighton and the surrounding area.
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Professional Brighton Translation Services

Our expertise in certified translations and interpreting services is backed by decades of experience. Ever since starting up in 2000, Architekst has been helping Brighton businesses reach out to their customers in a plethora of languages.

Professional Translation Company in Brighton

Under the oversight of professional project managers, Architekst’s translators have plenty of experience translating texts into most of the world’s currentlanguages.

Our translators in the Brighton and Hove area are highly specialised. Each of them will work only within the two or three fields where they have in-depth knowledge, guaranteeing high-quality, clear translations.

We thoroughly check our translators’ educational and professional background in order to assign them to niche areas of expertise where they will perform at their best.

The Most Common Target Languages

Most of our Brighton clients are looking for German-English, English-French, or English-Italian language pairings, but our range of translation services is not limited to European languages. We also work with Chinese and Japanese documents and will gladly convert your texts into these languages if you have need of Asian resources.

Overall, Architekst Translation Services cover over 140 languages.


The confidentiality, security and secrecy of our clients’ data and documents is of the utmost importance for us at Architekst. This is why we make our translators sign confidentiality agreements.

For clients who require further security, or if you already have non-disclosure agreements in place, we can arrange for these to be signed instead, so that you can have full confidence in your Architekst translator.

Translation of Technical Documents in Brighton

Instruction manuals, product specification sheets and other, highly technical documents need clear and concise translation by linguists with the right industry expertise, in order to be easily understood by speakers of your target language.

Our specialist technical translators will tackle any document in any file format, with the utmost attention to detail and a full understanding of the technical know-how that underpins such texts.

Legal Translation Service in Brighton

Legal language is a very specific and complicated part of the lexicon in just about every country. Architekst legal translation specialists understand that and are more than well-equipped to transfer these intricacies into the correct linguistic structures in the target language.

Market Research Translation Services in Brighton

Market research questionnaires can be tricky enough to get right even in English. Why not contact Architekst’s Brighton offices and have your market research documents translated in a natural-sounding way while accurately retaining all the nuances of meaning.

Medical Translation Services in Brighton

Medical documents are worryingly easy to mishandle when it comes to translating them. That is why at Architekst, translations of a medical nature are only handled by the most qualified linguists, with years of experience in translating and writing about health and medicine.

Travel and Tourism Translation Services in Brighton

Although it isn’t quite the French Riviera, Brighton has experienced an influx of international tourists in recent years. Reach out to them by working with Architekst Translation Agency and localising your menus, brochures and signs in their own language!

Professional Website Translation Service in Brighton

A well-established online presence is an essential ingredient for success in any business nowadays. Don’t limit yourself to the Anglo-Saxon corner of the Internet. You can double your profits by translating your company’s website into some of the other widely spoken languages. Contact us to get started!

DTP, Transcription & Subtitling 

As well as offering top-notch translation services into dozens of languages, we can also transcribe your video materials, add subtitles to your training and advertisement clips and cover your DTP projects by typesetting translated text – even Arabic! – into your chosen artwork format.

Translation Memory Software

By using translation memory software in nearly all of our translation projects, we can ensure consistency of language throughout the final product. The program remembers the way the linguist translates each sentence and, if that sentence is repeated, it automatically offers up the same translation.

Our translators can then focus fully on the best articulation of their text, confident of receiving the necessary prompts and guidance to keep your message consistent.

Fast Translation Services in Brighton

When you work with Architekst and set us a deadline, you can be certain that your translated documents will arrive in your inbox without delay. Thanks to tight project oversight and a qualified, experienced team of translators, we can ensure fast turnaround times without sacrificing the quality of our work.

Experienced Project Managers

When you entrust your business to Architekst, you can be sure that qualified, experienced individuals will oversee the project from start to finish. From the very first draft to the final edits, Architekst’s project managers have the final say in approving translated documents.

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