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If you're in need of high-calibre translation services in Belfast, look no further! We operate in and around the Belfast area, offering top-notch translation solutions to businesses and individuals.
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Professional Belfast Translation Services

Architekst has been operational in the Belfast area since 2000, translating documents, transcripts and a range of other paperwork for well-respected businesses.

Professional Translation Company in Belfast

At Architekst, every step of the translation process is carried out with the utmost precision and attention to detail. When you use our services, you can be assured that an experienced project manager will oversee the entire process of translation from start to finish. The work of our translators is also thoroughly reviewed to ensure that it is 100% error-free.

The Most Common Target Languages

Finding a language that we do not handle can prove to be quite the challenge, as we offer 140 languages from all around the world. The most common combinations we work with in the Belfast area are English to German, English to French, German to English and English to Italian.

Much of our business comes from international companies, so we also have translators well-versed in Asian languages such as Chinese andJapanese.


You can be certain that as well as providing quality translations, we also prioritise the security and secrecy of your data. High-profile businesses choose Architekst precisely because of our close attention to confidentiality.

All our translators must sign a confidentiality agreement before taking on a project. If you prefer to draft a special agreement and have them sign that too, we can accommodate that too.

Translation of Technical Documents in Belfast

Understanding technical documents requires detailed industry knowledge and expertise, even before translating them into another language. Architekst recognises the importance of this – our Belfast translation service does not let translators anywhere near technical projects unless they have sufficient knowledge!

Legal Translation Service in Belfast

Legal translations are not something to be treated lightly. They require extensive yet precise knowledge of the law and the many linguistic formulas and intricacies that together make up the content of contracts,  agreements and a multitude of court documents.

We offer accurate translation of legal documents that will adhere to the accepted terminology used in their proceedings by legal professionals everywhere..

Market Research Translation Services in Belfast

At Architekst Translation Services, we understand that market research is a key factor in the global operation of companies in the Belfast area. Translations need to be impeccable for your target audience abroad to understand.

We offer comprehensive translation of surveys, questionnaires and other market research materials, so you will never get flawed results due to misunderstandings.

Medical Translation Services in Belfast

When it comes to medical translations, the difference between a good and bad translation can sometimes make the difference between life and death. Our Belfast-based medical translators will ensure that all the information inyour documents will be accurately communicated in your chosen target language.

Travel and Tourism Translations Services in Belfast

Not all tourists speak a second language, which can give rise to problems if you work within the travel industry. Our Belfast translators are experienced in collaborating with hotels, travel agents and airlines for a polished conversion of their brochures, disclaimers and promotional materials into various target languages.

Professional Website Translation Service in Belfast

Presenting your website in only one language  can cost you a lot of business. Don’t make your foreign customers rely on automatic translation programs. Open yourself up to new markets by enlisting Architekst translators in Belfast to translate your website for your target audience.

DTP, Transcription & Subtitling 

Whether you need training or marketing materials, we specialise in voiceovers and subtitling videos for Belfast businesses. Transcribing and annotating visual materials is also within our scope. When you entrust your corporate film and advertising material to Architekst, you can be sure that it isin safe and competent hands.

Translation Memory Software

We use translation memory software with most of our translations, and for a good reason. It guarantees consistency throughout any document and allows for faster turnaround times.

How does it work? That’s simple – as our translators progress through the text, the software remembers the sentence patterns and automatically translates repeated sentences in the same manner.

Fast Translation Services Belfast

Our Belfast translation services are amongst the fastest and most effective in the business. Our large group of translators will ensure that there are enough hands on board to deliver your translated documents on time and error-free.

Experienced Project Managers

Each translation project is a unique challenge comprising many steps, all of which need to be performed flawlessly for a successful outcome. Our project managers are used to working under pressure and can oversee the whole process from start to finish on your behalf, making sure that nothing is overlooked.

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