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Are you looking for professional translation services in Cambridge or the surrounding area? Give us a call. We've been providing translation services for various industries in Cambridge for over 20 years.
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Professional Translation Services Cambridge

It is very easy to make the wrong choice when enlisting some language services, getting inaccurate translations, and losing money as a result. We have been providing expert translations in Cambridge since 2000, leaving our clients satisfied with the quality of their translated documents.

The Translators Working with Our Cambridge Translation Agency

If you choose Architekst, you can be sure that the people who will be working on translating your documents know the ins and outs of your industry and have certified knowledge of the services or products your company provides.

Our translators work on no more than two or three fields — we assign them to translate documents from industries with which they have previous experience, whether translating them or working within them. Each translator will only translate texts into their native language to ensure the accuracy and quality of their work.

A team of qualified, experienced project managers overlooks each client’s business. No batch of translated documents will be sent back to you without their oversight and approval.

Language Combinations

Architekst translators who work for our Cambridge translation services have the capacity to work with more than 140 target languages.

The most popular language combinations in this area are English-Italian, German-English (and vice versa), as well as English-French. Although these are the combinations with the highest volume, it does not mean that other language couplings will get subpar treatment. We treat each assignment individually, with an equal amount of care and effort put into each translation.


We understand how important matters of confidentiality can be in some industries. This is why all of the employees at our translation agency have signed a confidentiality undertaking. There is also a standard agreement that we can sign and provide you with, ensuring the preservation of your business secrets.

If you have your own version of such an agreement, this is not a problem — simply send it over to us, and we will have all of the translators working on your project sign it as soon as we receive it!

Clear-cut Technical Translations

Technical documents can be particularly tricky to translate into other languages, especially if an inexperienced translation agency works on them. Cambridge has no shortage of companies that produce all sorts of technical documentation, and so Architekst translators are more than experienced with these kinds of texts.

Whether it is a technical manual or a batch of brochures, our experts will gladly translate it into your desired target language.

Detailed Legal Translation Services

When translating legal documents, keeping an eye out for every little detail is absolutely crucial. After all, legal systems all over the world are known to be extensive and convoluted. Every official document needs to comply with these norms, especially when it pertains to an international company.

At Architekst, we provide clear and readable legal translations that will not only be accurately transformed into your target language but also take into account the legal intricacies and differences between the United Kingdom and whichever country you’re conducting business in.

Professional Market Research Translations

Poorly translated surveys or too literal translations can ruin an entire campaign’s worth of market research efforts. Architekst’s translators are more than qualified to provide you with market research translation services that will meet all of your requirements. Regardless of the language, each document will be translated in a way that makes it clear and understandable for your target audience, getting you the results you need to continue pushing your brand forward.

Medical Translations

Medical documents are difficult to translate. After all, sometimes these texts can mean the difference between life and death! Our medical translators are rigorously selected and tested to make sure that they possess the right knowledge to operate on medical documentation.

Professional Tourism and Travel Translations

The correct translation is often not enough to get the job done correctly when it comes to travel and tourism messages. It is also about the impact your flyers, pamphlets, and any other document makes on your target audience.

Our experienced tourism and travel translators will make sure that your documents will retain their original catchiness and tone in any and all of your specified target languages.

Website Translations

Having a localized website can significantly increase your chance of conquering markets abroad. At Architekst, we can make sure to translate and optimize your website to be clear and readable in a wide variety of languages.

Other Specialist Fields

The industries and fields mentioned above are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to our translations. Cambridge is full of businesses. If yours doesn’t fit any of the aforementioned categories, don’t hesitate to contact us — we will surely help you with your translation needs!

DTP, Transcription, Voice-overs, and Subtitling

Whether it is multilingual desktop publishing, creating transcripts of meetings, or subtitling your marketing or training videos, our Cambridge translation services can handle it and provide you with the end result in all of the usual file formats.

Translation Memory Software

At Architekst, we’re not afraid to implement the newest technologies in order to make our translations as concise as possible. The translation memory software we use can remember the ways in which each translator transcribes certain words and phrases and automatically translates them in the same manner, should these phrases appear further in the text. On top of ensuring language consistency, this solution frees up more time for our employees to take care of even more of your documents!

Meeting Your Deadline

We understand that translating documents is often the last step of the process for many companies. We have a large group of translators that can cater to your urgent needs and meet even the highest deadline without sacrificing the final document’s quality.

Project Management

Every single project you assign to our Cambridge agency will receive a dedicated manager, whose job it is to oversee it to completion, from the very start of the process right up until the final edits. That way, you have the certainty that your work is professionally curated and delivered without any missteps or hiccups along the way.

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