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Having your website translated is in many cases more than an ordinary translation.
You need an SEO translation, and for that you can count on us.

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Expert SEO translation services

The purpose of every website is to generate traffic. The more visitors find out about your product or services, the more leads you will convert, and, ultimately, the higher your revenues. Having your website translated is in many cases more than an ordinary translation. You need an SEO translation, and for that you can count on us.

Keyword analysis

Every web page you create starts with choosing the right keywords. You can be the best writer, and produce a fantastic, persuasive text that gives your visitors all the information they need, but if you don’t use the right keywords they simply won’t find you.

So for an SEO translation, it is important to investigate whether a literal translation of your keyword works in the target language. It is very possible that the literal translation will deliver little or no search volume, but a synonym will. We first determine the right keywords before we translate your web page.


When optimising your web page in another language, it’s also very important to adapt the meta-tags in the target language. We help you with the localisation of your meta-title, meta-description and Alt-tag and advise you about the adaptation of your URLs.


SEO is a long-term project. Regularly tinkering with your content has a positive influence on your rankings. We work with translation memory software that ensures that the same sentence never has to be translated twice. So you save unnecessary costs and your texts are delivered faster.

Project management

Various factors lead to a successful translation project. For example, your translators, your revisers, the software used, the glossary, and so on. The most valuable is undoubtedly the project manager. In the end it is the project manager who manages each step of the translation process for you. An experienced project manager who thinks the way you do: that’s what we provide.

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