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The food and drink industry has embraced the global demand for goods. Food producers and wineries now operate on a world-wide scale, and for this reason require translations in order to comply with international distribution law or to communicate with foreign clients.

Architekst provides specialist language solutions for the food and beverage industry. Our translators are carefully chosen and tested to ensure that only suitably qualified translators, editors and reviewers are applied to your projects, taking account of the challenges in food translation.

Cultural differences
Food terms can be so culture-specific that finding an equivalent or near-equivalent in the target language is sometimes not possible, and a translator needs to be able to recognise internationally-used culinary terms without losing local flavour or intelligibility. Communication is key to ensuring an accurate and consistent translation that meets your expectations and those of your customers.

Food label check
If you plan to sell your product internationally, you will need to have separate labelling that complies with all the regulations in each jurisdiction in which it is marketed. Labelling requirements vary from country to country, including information such as nutritional values, allergens and expiry dates. Any compliance issue can result in severe penalties.
Architekst works together with a partner agency which provides consultancy services on food standards, labelling and hygiene. With this service, we can help you ensure that your products comply with all international food labelling regulations.

Typical food and beverage industry translations we undertake include:

Our translators
At Architekst your personal project manager will make sure that your documents are translated by specialist translators and reviewed by experienced revisers.
All our translators translate only into their mother tongue and in their own specialist areas.

Your deadline
Getting your documents translated is often the last step in your process. You don’t have much time. Your translation is urgent. We understand. We can set a large group of translators to work and are flexible enough to meet your deadline without loss of quality. You can rely on us.

Project management
There’s a lot involved in a successful translation project: your translator, your reviser, the software we use, the glossary, the style guide, and so on. But without doubt, the key to success is your project manager. It’s the project manager who oversees every step in the translation project on your behalf. We’ve got just the experienced project manager for you in-house.

What do our clients say?
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What can we translate for you?
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