A law firm recently turned to us to translate 700 pages of arbitration documents from Traditional Chinese into English.

The challenges here were
- the complex topic
- the turnaround time: the law firm’s client had requested that the translations were delivered in under a month.
- the language combination: whereas there are many Simplified Chinese into English translators, there are very few who translate from Traditional Chinese.

We sourced as many as 18 translators and 4 proofreaders. Although most of the translators were native Chinese and our proofreaders native English, we set up 2 proofreading rounds in order to maintain the highest quality level.

We managed to deliver the final English translations on time, and within budget. The end client was very happy with our approach and the work delivered, and a second similar project soon followed.



Market research

Our very first assignment for a market research company was a Dutch into English translation involving creative writing.

Feedback from the client
What I find particularly positive:
- The way you communicate clearly on what I can expect whilst keeping me informed so that I know what you are doing. Thanks for calling me as well, just to say that the translation is nearly ready.
- I am also very satisfied with the translation delivered. Good work, beautiful sentences (of which I'm jealous:-)) and also great that the translator explained why certain choices had been made in connection with some of the wording and things that did not seem logical in English. This approach made me feel that the translator had paid great attention to the text and thought about what we wanted to convey.
- Your price was about half what is charged by another agency, and I was not particularly happy anyway about the most recent work of that agency.
In short, I am pleased with your work and I will certainly share this with my colleagues. And if I need additional translations in future, I will contact you again!




Lifestyle / Fashion / Retail

As part of a full rebranding exercise by a beauty product manufacturer, all translations needed to be reviewed and redone. New countries had been added as well, so in total the packaging copy needed to be translated into 18 languages.
A new and user-friendly template, which had to include all the translations, was created by the client for their DTP team.

The real challenge here was that the copy for translation had to be extracted from the template, shared with all linguists, and then put back into the template before delivery.
As it is not possible to automate the whole process, and consistency throughout the translations is crucial, we have created glossaries for all the languages to overcome this problem.


Our flexibility and willingness to adapt have made us the preferred supplier for this company.